Murph’s Gift of Music 2020 Scholarship Application Process

I know many of you have questions regarding the music scholarship application process in light of the current situation that is affecting all areas of our lives right now.
We understand there will be some challenges in maintaining our standard guidelines, so at this point, we are making the following modifications to the process:

– The application deadline is extended to May 31. If for some reason you are not able to submit by that date, please contact me with an anticipated receipt date.

– We will allow applications to be sent electronically via email to

– After receipt and review of the applications, you will be contacted about what steps will be taken afterwards.

We all feel very strongly about continuing with the awards this year, if at all possible. However, we want to say at this point, that final awards will be dependent on whether it is deemed feasible based on current conditions at the time.

Please contact Mary Ann Murphy at if you have any questions. Stay well.